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Don't know where to turn? Can't figure out how to make the problems go away? At Tax Resolution Professionals, our experienced tax attorneys are here to do just that. We can relieve you of problems from IRS and State Tax debt. If you are being garnished now, immediate help is available. There is enough stress in your life, and trying to do something without knowing all of your options could only harm you. So let us do what we do best - let us take care of your financial problems from liens, levies, back taxes, wage garnishments, and any other tax issues you may have.

Our team of qualified tax attorneys take on each case with years of experience. When you call Tax Resolution Professionals, you will be directly connected with an attorney who can evaluate your circumstances and let you know what options you qualify for. Don't get "sold" by another company's "tax consultant" or "tax specialist" -- who is most likely a salesperson not authorized to represent you before the IRS. TRP offers the highest level of representation in the industry, from qualified attorneys in a real law firm. Don't call a CPA or Enrolled Agent to do an attorney's work. CPA's and most Enrolled Agents are not licensed to take your case to the very end if needed - U.S. Tax Court. Additionally, our fees are lower than most companies that offer the services of a CPA or Enrolled Agent. Call TRP and let a real, U.S. Tax Court licensed attorney, give you a free consultation on your case.

You may qualify to settle your IRS debt! If you don't, we can give you an accurate assessment on your options and if we cannot help you we can guide you in the right direction. Our case fees starting as low as $350. Be sure you give us a call before you sign a high free contract with another company. Give us a call toll free (888) 515-4TAX to speak directly with a tax attorney. Our phone lines are open Monday through Saturday, 7:30am-8:30pm Pacific Time. You can also fill out a contact form and we will have on of our attorneys call you back and your preferred call time.

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Your information is NEVER sold or distributed. TRP is an independent tax law firm. TRP is NOT a referral service. All submissions are 100% CONFIDENTIAL. If you need immediate help, please call us Toll Free at 1-888-515-4829.