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Owe more than $10,000 to the IRS, State, or both? Have you been seeking help, only to come across high pressure salespeople and high flat fees?

At Tax Resolution Professionals, our experienced tax attorneys are here help you. We are experts in handling back due tax debt issues and getting the IRS off your back. We offer a free, no obligation consultation. Often people are told they need to pay high flat fees to get their case resolved, only to learn later their case was simple and could have been resolved easily on their own, and that they had been "had" by a salesperson.

We charge for only work that needs to be done, and our overall case fees are typically 33-50% less than radio and TV advertised firms. We focus specifically on tax resolution and tax preparation in order to give you the highest level of technical expertise. We have handled thousands of cases and achieve the best results nationwide. We are only interested in helping you if you have a tax matter that needs our help. We can relieve you of problems from both IRS and state tax problems, including income, payroll, sales tax, and employment tax issues. If you are being garnished now, immediate help is available. There is enough stress in your life, and trying to do something without knowing all of your options could only harm you. We can help you with liens, levies, back taxes, wage garnishments, offer in compromise, penalty abatements, and any other tax issues you may have. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself.

You can see our 5 star reviews placed on Yelp as well as recent settlement results posted on the bottom of this page.

When you call a "tax relief firm" you are being consulted by a salesperson that has little knowledge on the workings of your case and is not licensed to represent you.
At TRP, you speak to an attorney in your consultation, and an attorney, CPA, and Enrolled Agent are all assigned to every case. You will be able to reach your tax attorney throughout the duration of your case. Our firm cannot close on you as we are legally obligated to complete your case, unlike the many tax relief firms which have closed over the past 5 years. Additionally, communication with our firm is protected by attorney-client privilege, while this is not true for other firms. Call TRP and let a real, U.S. Tax Court licensed attorney, give you a free consultation on your case. The worst that could happen is we point you in the right direction! Give us a call at (888) 515-4TAX (4829) now!

RECENT RESULTS: 10/11/16 $3,700 NY State debt settled for $100, 8/29/16 $33,927 IRS debt settled for $100, 8/22/2016 $32,800 IRS debt settled for $950. 7/29/2016 $130,000 FTB debt reduced to $0. 6/23/2016 $33,000 IRS debt settled for $100. 5/18/2016 $45,000 IRS debt settled for $50. 4/30/2016 $6,000 FTB debt settled for $100. 03/28/2015 $27,000 IRS debt settled for $100. 02/08/2016 $20,000 IRS debt settled for $206. 02/05/2016 FTB Penalty $1,300 refunded. 01/10/2016 $45,000 IRS debt settled for $100. 01/05/2016 $60,000 IRS debt settled for $100. 11/15/2015 $100,000 IRS account in hardship and debt expired to $0. 10/25/2015 $175,000 IRS debt settled for $100. 10/10/2015 $8,700 IRS Debt settled for $100. 9/25/2015 $16,500 California debt settled to $0. 8/5/2015 $190,000 IRS debt settled for $500. 4/5/2015 $130,000 IRS Debt settled for $200. 3/22/2015 $44,000 IRS Debt settled for $200. 3/14/2015 $118,000 IRS debt settled for $350. 2/20/2015 $38,000 IRS Debt settled for $68. 2/15/2015 $42,500 EDD Debt settled for $500. 1/10/2015, $120,000 IRS debt settled for $100.

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