IRS audit

IRS Audit

The IRS can audit you for any year and determine that you owe additionally to what you had originally paid in. This can also result in a refund to you as well, if it is revealed you paid too much tax. When you are audited for one year and inconsistencies are found, you typically will be audited for two more years. This is a general rule, and your individual circumstances may warrant audit on more or less years.

Sometimes handling an IRS audit on your own can lead be an extremely difficult task with mixed results. What no other company will tell you, is that sometimes an audit is better handled on your own. Our recommendation is to first call the tax preparer who prepared the return for you. If they have audit experience they are typically best to handle your issue since they prepared the return and understand it fully. If you owe a large balance afterward, then give us a call and we can help you. If you have an audit in the Los Angeles or San Diego area, at Tax Resolution Professionals, we can give you a free, no obligation consultation on what your best option is. If it is determined hiring an attorney for the audit would be in your best interest, the attorney assigned to your case will go through all of your audit documentation, represent you before the IRS, and make sure you get the best result possible. When the audit is over, if it is determined that you have an additional tax amount due, your attorney will handle the rest of your case, reaching a tax resolution that you can afford.

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