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The IRS Hates Staples and Sending in Multiple Tax Returns

The IRS does not like staples, a lot of the information is scanned. It is recommended to send in information without staples to the IRS. When sending in multiple tax returns in the same postal envelope, make sure to put … Continue reading

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Tax Defense Partners: Rush Limbaugh Recommends, but Take A Second Look Before You Buy

You may have heard about Tax Defense Partners on the radio and have called in to talked to a high pressure salesman. They are highly advertised on radio, and with high advertising comes high fees. The former, another heavily … Continue reading

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Tax Payments by Credit Card: The Cheapest Options

Sometimes a tax payment is due but putting it on a credit card makes more sense. If you already have a back due debt to the IRS and incur a new balance, it will default your payment plan or currently … Continue reading

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Tax Return Signature for Deceased Persons: Simplified Instructions

When you are doing tax returns or filing jointly with a deceased person, it can be confusing and the IRS just guides you to some random publications. Here are the easy instructions, with information taken from the IRS’ own Publication … Continue reading

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