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When Are IRS Tax Liens Filed? How Can I Avoid Them?

For purposes of back due tax personal tax debts, the Internal Revenue Service typically files a lien in the following situations: You have a balance over $10,000 due and your account is placed into Currently Non Collectable Status. You have … Continue reading

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Can the IRS take My House?

This question is asked by many people, and the answer is yes, but usually in limited circumstances. Usually The IRS will not take a primary residence even if there is sufficient equity to pay the debt. If you have more … Continue reading

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IRS Tax Law Line Closed

The Internal Revenue Service has closed its Tax Law Hotline. This service was useful to get clarification on certain items and forms when the IRS instructions were not clear for a particular situation. Many IRS agents do not know the … Continue reading

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Oregon Tax Penalty 100% If Returns Not Filed for 3 Years in a Row or Longer

The Oregon Department of Revenue assesses heavy penalties on non filing taxpayers, especially if they have not filed for three years in a row or longer. The penalties are as follows: •  5 percent late-payment penalty on any unpaid tax … Continue reading

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