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911 Tax Relief Reviews and Complaints: Are they legitimate?

We are always taking a look at our competitors and always surprised how awful some of the companies are. The industry of “Tax Relief” is plagued by many high pressure boiler room sales companies that really have no interest in … Continue reading

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Tax Help For Veterans

A lot of veterans end up havingĀ  a tax issue for various reasons: cancellation of debt, cashing out retirement accounts, being self employed, and a host of other reasons. If you are a veteran, collecting a retirement or disability check … Continue reading

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Currently Non Collectible Status, Offer In Compromise, or Both?

When a case is in collections with the IRS and you cannot afford any payment (as determined by the IRS Collection Financial Standards, you have two options: Currently Non Collectible Status – Effectively a $0/month payment plan. Offer in Compromise … Continue reading

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