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Insight Financial Solutions Review – Customer Reviews Show Low Rating

Insight Financial Solutions is a tax resolution firm based in Palm Bay, Florida, with offices in Evergreen, Colorado, and Olathe, Kansas. They handle tax debt related cases. They are best known for using Academy Award Nominated actress Sally Kellerman as … Continue reading

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Types of Offer In Compromise – The Different Ways to Settle IRS Tax Debts

Types Of Offer in Compromise Offer in Compromise is a settlement for tax debts than less than the amount owed. The most common Offer in Compromise type for the IRS is a personal Offer for doubt as to collectibility. For … Continue reading

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Legacy Tax and Resolution Services vs. Tax Resolution Professionals

Welcome to our ongoing series of comparing tax relief companies. Here we compare Legacy Tax and Resolution Services of Scottsdale, Arizona, to Tax Resolution Professionals of Las Vegas, Nevada. Legacy Tax And Resolution Services Ratings Legacy seems to beĀ overall a … Continue reading

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Tax 10000: A Referral Service

You may have heard the ads on the radio or seen the ads on TV for Tax 10000. Turns out they are not a tax relief firm, tax law firm, or any type of tax related firm that may work … Continue reading

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How to Fill Out IRS Form 656 Offer In Compromise

Form 656: Filling It Out This guide will explain how to fill out IRS Form 656, which is used to submit an Offer In Compromise to the Internal Revenue Service. This is part of our guide on How To Do … Continue reading

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Optima Tax Relief Review: Alan Thicke Recommends, but Should You Buy?

We get many calls from people that almost hired Optima Tax Relief, and we find that most people did not like what they heard from them. In this review we will go over the information we have learned about Optima … Continue reading

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Tax Lien on Credit Report? Use IRS Form 12277 To Withdraw an IRS Lien

This article covers how to withdraw an IRS lien. If you have active liens and debts that are still owed, you may want to see our Offer in Compromise Guide or call us for a free consultation with one of … Continue reading

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How to Make Estimated Tax Payments

This guide covers making estimated taxes for individuals. In order to make IRS estimated tax payments, you can pay online or pay by mail by check. It is strongly recommended that you pay online and pay estimated tax payments on … Continue reading

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911 Tax Relief Reviews and Complaints: Are they legitimate?

We are always taking a look at our competitors and always surprised how awful some of the companies are. The industry of “Tax Relief” is plagued by many high pressure boiler room sales companies that really have no interest in … Continue reading

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Tax Help For Veterans

A lot of veterans end up havingĀ  a tax issue for various reasons: cancellation of debt, cashing out retirement accounts, being self employed, and a host of other reasons. If you are a veteran, collecting a retirement or disability check … Continue reading

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