'I was being garnished and got nowhere when I called the IRS myself. I called Tax Resolution Professionals and Robert worked on my case. The garnishment was released before I got my paycheck and I was able to settle $35,000 of debt for $1,000! Thanks TRP!'

V.J. San Diego, CA

"I received a state assessment from somwhere I never worked. I am a trucker and on the road and unable to handle the problem on my own. Tax Resolution Professionals removed the liability completely from my record. I had to pay the state nothing. Thanks!

Ryan F., Winston, MS

"The IRS assessed me with a trust fund recovery penalty for payroll taxes. The business was closed and I was living off social security and could not afford to pay. I was worried I would lose my home. I called TRP after seeing their site, and they put my irs account into non collectable status until the debt expired. I paid $0!I would reccomend them to anyone who has a tax debt!"

Mike W., Pensacola, FL

"I received a bill from California stating I owed them money and I had no idea why. I talked with Robert, one of the TRP attorneys when I first called and he handled my case throughout. By the end I owed nothing - and TRP's costs were half of the other company I called.

Sam K., Oceanside, CA

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