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TRP vs. Other Companies

Attorney client privilege. This is the single most important reason to work with TRP over other companies. When you consult with almost any tax relief firm you have heard over the radio or television, there is no attorney client privilege with the information provided or details sent to them. Only by hiring a law firm and having actual attorneys work on your case can you maintain full confidentiality. Most companies in the tax relief industry offer the services of an enrolled agent, CPA, or tax attorney, but are in fact not law firms. Most tax relief firms are owned by persons not licensed to work on your case. TRP is owned and operated by Robert Kayvon, Esq., a licensed attorney, and as such has a legal obligation to complete your case. CPAs and EAs are also assigned to your case for additional expertise, but communications are further protected by attorney/client privilege as they are working in our law firm under the supervision of an attorney. For other tax relief companies the owners only concern is higher sales figures and very often the firms are on the verge of financial collapse since they are dependent on the current month's sales to keep working on already signed cases. Such was the case with Nationwide Tax Relief, which collapsed within a matter of months of having bad sales, leaving all clients who previously paid for services out of luck. As a law firm, our obligation to complete your case goes above and beyond the daily financials of a corporation or LLC. When an appeal is required, most tax relief firms charge you again, at TRP, we do not charge additionally for appeals. When you call TRP you will talk to a qualified tax attorney who will give you a realistic outlook on your case. If we cannot help you, we are not here to charge you. Sometimes we can resolve your issue over the phone in your consultation charge, and there is no charge for that. All we ask is tell others that we can help them too! You have nothing to lose and only more knowledge about your options to gain, so Call us at (888) 515-4829 and have a free consultation with a licensed Tax Attorney.

Our Guarantee

When you hire TRP to resolve your tax issues, we guarantee that your case will be assigned to a qualified tax attorney and we will do all legally possible to get you the best result. We additionally guarantee that our company will not close on our clients and leave them in the dust, like so many tax relief firms have done.

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Your information is NEVER sold or distributed. TRP is an independent tax law firm. TRP is NOT a referral service. All submissions are 100% CONFIDENTIAL. If you need immediate help please call us Toll Free at 1-888-515-4829.